Four suspects. One hacker. One terminal.

This is BRUTEFORCE. A thrilling, sandbox, terminal-based mystery.

It is 1996. Early morning. The player, a hacker, suddenly receives word of an attack on the ceasefire negotiations.

Something has got to be done. And you are the one with the skillset to do it.

A contact offers you four suspects. An investigation is necessary. Perhaps one that goes beyond that which the law can condone.

The hacker’s only tool is a old computer that is suffering from heat issues.

We recommend fetching a pen and a piece of paper for this one. Strange, I know, but you might need it for the investigation.

Developer’s note: All characters and locations depicted are entirely fictional. Any real life similarities are coincidental. We hope you enjoy our game.

Patch notes:

V. 1.01: Minor bug fixed.

V. 1.02: Readability issue on certain devices fixed.


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this was so great!! i really liked the investigation (even made me create a note file to get every information i had, i think i restarted the game 5 times before getting the good ending). keep up the great work!!

Thanks for playing! Happy to hear that you enjoyed BRUTEFORCE!

I would recommend playing our newer jam game "OSTRO", but I noticed that you already found it... 😅

- Nils